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Lunch ;; Hermione & Peter



"It was magical?" He couldn’t help but smile a little, though he wasn’t exactly sure what that was suppose to mean. 

"So what were you—" Just as he was about to ask her anothe question, Peter stopped and turned his head as he heard the sound of police sirens. There was a faint buzzing in the back of his skull as more drove by. 

Shooting up from his seat, Peter put his drink down and grabbed his bag and camera. “Uhm—Hermione, I’m sorry but I gotta go. I-I…” 

He started to walk backwards still facing her, calling back just before he took off running. “I have to go take pictures for the Bugle—I’m sorry!” 

     [ The only thing that makes
      Hermione sure that she
      hadn’t just bored Peter so
      badly that he needed to
      escape was the fact that the
      loud ringing of police sirens is
      blaring outside. Before she
      even really has a chance to
      say goodbye, Peter is gone,
      his half empty can of pop still
      sat on the table. ]

                                       [ She debates picking it up—
                                         rushing outside to wait for him
                                         to finish so that he enjoy the
                                         rest of his lunch.
                                                            There’s no need for that, though.
                                                            Because, just as she reaches out
                                                            to grab the drink, a sound shoots
                                                            through the room, from outside,
                                                            that makes her heart stop. It’s not
                                                            a sound that she ever had to grow
                                                            accustomed to, but there’s no mistaking it.
It’s a gunshot.
                              All around her, students are freezing
                              at their tables, finally noticing the
                              commotion that seems to be going
                              on outside—outside where Peter is.
                    As soon as the shot had sounded,
                    Hermione was already on her way out
                    the door. But this realization, the realization
                    that Peter was out there alone and
                    unarmed save for a mere camera has
                   her sprinting ]  

    [ Out of instinct, her wand, earlier concealed, is now in her hand,
   though she keeps it relatively well hidden in her sleeve. Outside,
   Hermione’s eyes are searching frantically for Peter but she can’t
   seem to find him. The masses of scared civilians and burly
   policemen are completely obscuring her view from the matter at
   hand. So, Hermione dives forward, headon into the people who
   are trying to run away from the commotion. ]


[ She just wants to find him. ]

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Lunch ;; Hermione & Peter



        “Well, it’s not that strange compared to some of the other names out there.” 

      Finishing off his hot dog, and with a quick swipe of his napkin to make sure there was no food on his face. After all, that’d be a real fast way to leave a real bad impression. 

    “O-Oh, really? What was your old one like? If that’s not uhm—prying.” 

             [ She smiles a silent thank at his defence
                    on behalf of her name. It’s quite nice,
                                 and she appreciates it. ]

"My old school?"

                               [ She wipes her mouth with a napkin
                                 as well, trying and failing to hide the
                                smile behind it. ]

     ”Oh, my old school was wonderful
     as well. You might say it was magical

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    [ the first thing ronnie thought as she
    heard hermione’s voice was about
    the first year on hogwarts, and how
    she was scared to approach her.
    the weasley had harry, she couldn’t
    even blame herself; but as the years
    passed by, sharing the same dorm
    contributed for approaching them
    both—to the point the ginger had no
    idea if it was only about care or if it
    was something more. and it was
    definitely worth thinking about,
    considering her friend was waiting
    for an answer. ]

                            “A kiss? Like a goodnight kiss
                             or, I don’t know, another kiss?”

[ If asking alone hadn’t
been hard enough…now,
questions were being
asked. Her face flushed
a brilliant red, and
Hermione let her eyes
wander, falling anywhere
 but the beautiful ginger
in front of her. ]

                               ”Well, I suppose, it could
                                be a goodnight kiss…
                                I just…Alright. Perhaps, I
                                shouldn’t have said anything
                                at all…but, I meant…
                                                                           a n o t h e r sort of kiss.” 

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"I’ve always had bad luck with potions." Elyse tilts her head, an amused smile on her lips.

           ”Well, that’s you. Don’t worry.
            I won’t singe a hair on your head.”

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an RP done entirely with letters, sent or unsent. Potentially romantic but not necessarily. 


[Hey! So I’ll be on more, probably tomorrow and the days that follow. I just recently got a job—my first ever job!


But yeah! So, there’s been a lot of running around. My drafts are full, though, and I will be attacking them tomorrow :) Goodnight, all! ]

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You Didn’t Wait || Hermione & Ron


       Anxiety swam through his veins as he sat in Harry’s flat,
       idly tapping his fingers on the side of the chair — he still
       seemed to have trouble waiting or sitting still. Harry was
       at least still optimistic that the bushy-haired witch would
       show up, which was something. Although his spectacled
       friend kept kipping off into the kitchen, and Ron knew there
       wasn’t any food in there since he’d already ransacked the
       place after arriving. After all, he still had the same appetite.

                    Ron swore he heard the pop of apparition nearby, and
                    when quiet knocking sounded from the front door, Ron
                    looked up for his best mate expectantly. Who appeared
                    to have abandoned the ginger. Fantastic. With a sigh,
                    he pushed himself up from the chair, heading towards
                    the door, trying to hide the slight shaking of his hands
                    as he peered through the peephole.

                                  It was her.

        Of course, this wasn’t how he’d planned on surprising her,
        but since Harry had apparently vanished to allow them time
        to reunite alone, that sly bastard, Ron was forced to open the
        door instead. Taking a deep breath, he plastered a big grin
        across his face as he yanked the door open.

                     Oi, took you long enough. I’ve been waiting
                       for ages now, y’know. At least a year."  

     And without giving her a moment to react to his presence,
     he was stepping through the doorframe and wrapping his
     arms around her in a tight bearhug, enough to lift her off
     of her feet with the force of it.


           “— Hi.”

                 She couldn’t compare it.
                      There was n o t h i n g like seeing Ron, again.
                      There was n o t h i n g like knocking on the door,
                      fully expecting Harry to answer it, as he had
                      so many times. There was n o t h i n g at all like
                      seeing that familiar mop of flaming red hair,
                      and the smiling face that was staring at her.
                                        Hermione’s breath was knocked out of her all
                                        over again. And the hug that was wrapped
                                        around her didn’t help at all. Not that she minded.

She didn’t mind one bit. 

                Hermione let herself melt
                into the arms that felt so
                familiar and warm around
                her body. She allowed her
                feet to dangle carelessly,
                inches from the floor. 

                               She just drank him in. She drank in the smell of his clothes,
                           which had changed, of course, but there was still that familiar
                                                                                                                    bit of
        …R o n
                                                  that she simply could never have missed. She
                               let her body rest easily against his, feeling the curve of his
                              shoulders, and she just smiled as she memorized his voice
                                                                                                      all over again. 

    Burying her face into the crook of his neck,
    to keep the tears—of happiness and joy,
    of course—at bay, Hermione let her smile
    fill her face completely. 

A year and a half."
           Was her mumbled correction,
           before she pushed off of him,
           and dropped to her feet. It
           was not something she had
           miscounted. Hermione had
           been counting since the day
           he’d left. 

                                                     It’d have been impossible not to
                                                        smile up at him. Out of all the
                                                        things that could have happened
                                                        today, this was not something
                                                        that she had foreseen. She’d not
                                                        thought Ron was coming back
                                                        at all, and that was why…


                                        …R i g h t

         Things were different now

Her smile faltered slightly,
but she hid it by stepping
in and shutting the door
behind her. 


                                                                  “——You’re back..

"Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder today."


[  Hermione looks up from her book,
                      merely to squint uncertainly at Ginny.
                      To be frank, she has to bite down
                      on her lower lip not to laugh.
                      Hermione sighs, and rolls her eyes.  ]

   ”You’re drunk again,
      aren’t you, Gin?”

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My Muse is dead, but they left yours a letter! Send a ✖ to see what it says.

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