Uni || ‘Mione and Peter


"Well, I mean…I was gonna try and breeze through it but now, I’m really gonna have to step it up.” 

Peter’s attention snapped back to the professor as soon as the class started.  Of course, it was the first day so there wasn’t much to pay attention to. His pen tapped against his hand for the last few minutes, until they were finally dismissed. 

Gathering his things, then looping his shoulder bag over him, he looked over at Hermione and rolled on his heels. “S-So, uhm…w-we’re still on for the coffee thing…right?” 

     As class flew by, Hermione’s pen flew across her notebooks. She wrote down almost every word of importance the Professor spoke. It was amazingly interesting—something she’d never expected. It’s not that Hermione was completely oblivious to muggle education, but in comparison to Hogwarts…it was different.

At the end of class, Hermione gathered up her things with a satisfied feeling settled in her chest. She’d made it through class and she’d already made of friend. She was almost confused when he turned back to confirm with her. What, had he thought her mind had changed in the last hour or so? 

"Of course we are. You’re a criminal, remember. It’s not like I can just let you walk free without proper evaluation."

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Wait Up!


"Oh, you have?  Don’t think you’re getting out of elaborating on that, because now I’m even more interested,” Stiles grinned, resting his chin in his hands, elbows braced on the desk.  He gave Hermione his best, innocent, pleading look, even going so far as to bat his eyelashes at her.

He let out a laugh at her comment, though, shaking his head.  ”There’s no such thing.  Especially not when Weasley looks like his head is about to explode out of pure rage,” he snickered, grinning widely at her.  ”Also, you owe me a Galleon now.  Feel free to look, if you don’t believe me.”

Alright, Stiles could totally see himself hanging out with Hermione more often.  This was a hell of a lot of fun, even if they weren’t trying to mess with her friends.

     It took only a second for Hermione to figure out how she would look at them. Turning to face the boys, Hermione squinted at them, looking both of them over making sure to look interested. Feigning a gasp, Hermione turned back to face Stiles, nodding her head. It was all in the name of messing with them even more. She hoped her little act would make them think that she had been reacting to something that Stiles’ had told her. As if he had said something amusing about their appearance, apart from Ron’s obviously red cheeks, that had made her turn to see if it were true. She hadn’t wanted to make it look as innocent as checking to see if she’d lost a bet.

"Damn." Hermione said with a wink, "You know, some naive part of me was sort of hoping he’d have kept it together."

     A laugh left her lips as she bent down to reach for her bookbag, pulling out the essential materials for today’s class. What with the excitement of sitting with Stiles, someone she could definitely get used to being around, she’d forgotten to perform her classroom routine.

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Wait Up!


Stiles grinned widely when the girl accepted his challenge. Merlin, would this ever be fun! Once she was seated, he took his own place next to her, sure to face in her friends’ direction so he could keep tabs on them out of the corner of his eyes.

"Feel like a rebel yet?" he asked conversationally, pulling out quills and parchment, as well as his textbook, to prepare for class. "You are, after all, sitting with the enemy.” Stiles waggled his fingers at her with a chuckle, already able to see Potter and Weasley speaking to one another, clearly unhappy and confused by Hermione’s behaviour. “Actually…hang on, hold still. Eyelash,” he explained, brushing a thumb across her cheekbone. There really hadn’t been one, as shown by his smirk as he pulled back, but the looks on the Gryffindors’ faces were priceless! “Got it.”

"I’ve done worse." Hermione replied with a smirk, "but this is definitely fun." She could only imagine what they were speaking about. Surely, Ron was having some temper tantrum of betrayal. Part of her wished that she were back at the table with them, but for the sole purpose of listening to the conversation they were having. 

     She hadn’t expected Stiles’ to touch her face, and it was quite a surprise when he did. She raised and eyebrow and cocked her head to the side, smirking at the boy.

"I believe you’re enjoying this a bit too much.”

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-progressively sits up straighter-



You knew, though. You just forgot:

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Uni || ‘Mione and Peter


Wow. She didn’t think that was weird? Awesome! Maybe a four leafed clover stuck to the bottom of my shoe or something. 

"Oh, man. And here I was thinking that changing my name and switching schools had paid off. I just had to sit next to you, didn’t I?” Giving a quiet laugh as he looked over at her, teasing back playfully. 

"Y-You would? Great! I know a pretty good coffee shop on campus, actually. We could get something to drink there and then I’ll give you the grand tour? So, what do you say I give you the tour free of charge and you don’t arrest me?" 

"That actually sounds rather lovely, Peter." Hermione nodded, with a genuine smile. Her heart was warmed by his hospitality. Though she wasn’t a big fan or coffee—more a tea person, really— a drink with a friend and a tour seemed like very good idea.

"We’ll have to see how good this tour is before I drop any charges."

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Wait Up!


Stiles shrugged, giving Hermione a genuine smile to show he wasn’t upset.  ”Don’t worry about it.  S’not the first time it’s happened, and it’s not gonna be the last.  You’re fine, trust me.”  With a grin, he walked with her to class, ignoring the looks he got.  Most people were used to him and Scott walking around together, since they’d been friends since they were five, but a Slytherin walking with Granger?

Oh, this could be fun.

Potter and Weasley were sitting together already in class, and with a grin nothing less than mischievous, Stiles turned to Hermione.  ”Might as well give them a bit more to talk about then.  Bet you a Galleon, I can get Weasley’s face to go redder than his hair,” he smirked, moving to an empty table and pulling one of the two chairs out for her.  It wouldn’t be difficult, either.  All Stiles would have to do was sit next to her and be charming (yes, he knew how to be charming, shut up).  Maybe even pull a giggle from her.

She had a nice laugh, after all.

     Hermione hesitated a moment, casting a small glance at Harry and Ron who were looking over at her curiously. They were obviously confused as to why she hadn’t come over to sit with them right away, as well as the fact that she walked in with a Slytherin. Excitement rose up in her chest, as she thought about what actually sitting with Stiles would do to them. And thought they hadn’t recently done anything wrong, it would still be fun to put them through a bit of hell. 

                    [Perhaps next time they’ll write their own essays.]

"You’re on." she replied, a large smile on her face. She was sure to lose the bet, seeing as it was rather easy to make Ron go beet red, but talking to Stiles was fun. With a small wave at the boys, she turned and followed Stiles to his seat. She sat in on the empty seats that he had pulled out, and turned to face him while turning her back to the two boys she called best friends.

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[First time I’ve had Wifi in like 5ever…

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"He’s really fast okay? And he threw through a building so I was a little bit dazed." 


"He throws really hard!" 

Hermione sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose, almost  amused.

"What can I do to help?"

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